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 These are the people who really wanted to see this project happen!  I can't think of a more worthy cause than making a school yard a little greener. Volunteers, left to right. Standing: Maureen O'Brien and Mark McConnell.  Sitting: Tessence (Tesse) Faith, Brandis Hartsell, Jamar Faith, Judith Faith, Silna Lopez, Cittlaly Almodovar, Brisdy Reyes and Marianne Happek.


The Crew

Soil or Concrete?

Compacted Soil
The soil in this courtyard was like concrete!  Infact I moved off of one spot to another, because I was sure there must be concrete under where I was boring. The next spot gave me the same results.  It was like a brick! The carbide bit on the boring tool wasn't going in.  I thought, there's no way there's concrete here too.

Compacted Soil
This soil was so hard I had to use the mattock to break through the surface.  Soil this compacted will seriously effect a tree's ability to breathe.  Yes, trees breathe too.  It's called respiration, just as we exchange gases through our lungs trees exchange gases through their leaves and roots.

Like a brick



Heavy Duty Earth Auger

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